December 11, 2005

Britblog Roundup #43

The Devil's Kitchen is hosting the Brit Blog Roundup this week. It includes many worthy nominations and, erm, me. Looks like I might get a reader, oh dear.


Blogger MatGB said...

No readers? Meh, you just need to get out more. I've not got around to installing any statcounters yet, but I know I've got them.

Question; where did oyu find my blog from? I found yours by going back through comments, yet you regularly link to NM and discuss a lot of the blogs I read; until today, I've never seen a link to you. You post more than I do, and cover a wider range of topics. Go forth and comment, put in a trackback system (my trackback from Boris' site got loads of referrals and still is) and get the blog known a bit.

You're posting a lot (as in a fair few this evening), but not letting people know you're here. Nosemonkey linked to me on the day I set the blog up. That was scary. Now I'm looking, you're on a few blogrolls, but I don't tend to follow them, I follow links from posts, I suspect most others do.

Oh yeah; I live in town centre (almost directly above the cinema), so going out past you tot he Kents seems pointless, I'm a lazy b'stard at heart. London Inn sometime in the week? Hate Witherspoons, but it's central for both of us. Or Hop and Grape/Hogshead, given they're 5 minutes from me.

8:50 pm  

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